Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux

Title: TheVelvet Promise
Writer: Jude Deveraux
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Series Name: Velvet
Series Order: 1
Total Book: 5
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval
Format: E-Book
Language: English
Pages: 384
Release Date: 1981

Story begun with besotted hero knowing his lover soon to be marry.
That shrew girl is like an actress and fool him that she marry by force.
Our besotted hero believes her. But he asked for a marriage an earl daughter.
So hero accept. He think with him marrying too he could accept the fact his lover soon to be marry.
Wedding took place and our hero was surprised to see such a lovely wife he had.
He fan over her trough to feast and even let himself with his wife to escape for a minute from feast.

But this precious moment interrupted by heroines father. He strike her in front of her husband because she made laughed him by all the crowd for she let her affection seen by everyone. But hero is most angry and hit father-by-in-law. And say him he will never touch what is his. Heroine come to the conclusion that our hero is never strike a women. He fears such act because her mother abused by her father all the years. 

But this lovely moment interrupted again by Alice. Ex-lover to our hero. She is greedy. She must have all men. And she cry for he couldn't ever love her anymore. Even act false suicide. Our fool hero believe her and take oath what she want. He shan't love anyone but her. And our heroine watch the scene. 

When Alice is off she come to through to tree with claps her hand. Accuse her husband for treacherous word he spoke of. But that went really wrong, hero accuse the women then strike her. Heroine is make an oath. She will never willingly give anything other than he take. Hero say she will do what he says. And she must prepare this night. Then he took of. Etc. etc. etc. story continue like this.

I really love this book :) Even when screaming for anger or ate my nails for the distress! :) This book make feel lot of thing. Anger, happiness, sadness... I sad about the Joceline and his lover. This extra story made me cry. Because they haven't united, she suicide when learn her lover trow deep inside the hole for the reason he save her. And then again I'm curious about the new book. Lets look what happens Stephen with the new bride of him!


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