Saturday, February 2, 2013

Romansholic is alive!

Hi people!

Romansholic is alive from now on.

My name is Hanife, I create this blog for English version of my original, Turkish Blog. I've many English reviews do to ARCs or my curiousity for writing English. So that's it. You can find anything Romance in here. Maybe - if I like it so much - other genres. And I want to share with you news about books from Turkey. I know they are really good bloggers out there but I want to have my chance, still my point is interacting people whom I share same taste in books.

By the way, I'm 20 years old. Also in Turkey I'm a translator. So new! Because of that please - pretty please - excuse my poor language. Sometimes I may write wrong or my grammer can be lacking. If you see you can correct me right away. Also I'm hoping with this blog I can exercise in writing English. I can read everything if Romance in it. I love bad boy, alpha male type of guys. Also my favorite sub genre is Medieval Historical Romance. Hard as get, more I love it. Creepy, right? Posh, then you must see my addiction for Bodice Reapers novels. Vampires hmmm, that's really another matter. Fantasy novels is a must for me. My guilty pleasure is reading Fifty Shade-ish books.

Beyond the books I love music, preferably trance. Supernatural fan, author in her own, PC and electronic lover, reading freak, romance addict, obsessive blogger, social media monster, known as "funny girl". Yeap, that's me!

I did create this blog with my friend Merve. You can find her blog here; NotMyBooks. She is also a romance lover but prefers Fantasy much. We did create our Turkish blogs last year in the same time and wants to do it with this one too. So we're Blog Sisters.

If you're a writer or a publisher and want me to review a book please contact me via mail. (hanifealbayrak(at)outlook(dot)com)

You can find me in other social platforms. Just look up this topic and click on the images you like to find me. Hope you'll love this blog, don't forget to comment...

Loves from Turkey.

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